noosa 1965

Printing Prices Surfing Sixties

All images are printed on 100% cotton fine art paper and are individually signed and captioned.

Mounted and matted prints are on acid free materials and the mat board is twice the normal thickness. So strong. The print is only attached to the backing board at the top by two small pieces of acid free adhesive so that there are no chemicals on the back of the print and also the print can be safely removed if something happens to the frame.

Print And Matted Sizes

Image size

Print Only

28 x 19cm $150.00
44 x 28cm $200.00
55 x 35cm $300.00
70 x 44cm $500.00
85 x 54cm $600.00

Mounted & Matted Size


41 x 32cm $200.00
65 x 50cm $280.00
76 x 57cm $380.00

Note: Images sizes may vary slightly depending on cropping.

All prices include postage in Australia

If you have any questions please contact me (02) 6654 1811 or 0408 656 424

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A/C 04588 5682